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In all of my reviews, I try to be as fair as I can. Every product has its good and bad points and I try to point them out. No product—no matter how good it is—is perfect. At first glance, my review of the iseeBell Video Doorbell Security Cam may not seem fair—and maybe it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Let me explain.

My intended use for the iseeBell video doorbell was just that—a video doorbell. The setup is advertised as super easy: You remove your original doorbell and then use its existing wiring to connect. All you need are some minor drilling and mounting skills (iseeBell even supplies the proper tools and instructions). But I had forgotten one (not so) minor detail: About 6 years ago, we switched to a wireless battery doorbell. After removing the previous (wired) doorbell, I shoved all the wiring inside the wall and then stuccoed over the hole. It seemed like a smart idea at the time! As a result, I could not use and review the iseeBell as it was intended. However …

Even though I no longer could give the iseeBell a fair review as a video doorbell, they also advertise it as an indoor/outdoor security camera. After considering this, I realized that I still had a great use for it as a security camera. That’s fair, right?

I live on 2 acres in Florida and my large backyard has a separate studio building where I do freelance graphic design and also write about and photograph the products I review. Needless to say, I have some expensive stuff in the studio. Up until now, the studio has never had any security monitoring. We have large and very protective dogs in our house, but I worried about the studio because it’s 100 feet away and out of reach of the dogs. With the iseeBell, I now have a chance to monitor the building 24/7. So how does it work? Let’s see.

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When you open the box of the iseeBell, you are presented with a lot of stuff which can seem overwhelming. However, you generally won’t need all of it. iseeBell has done a good job of accounting for different installation setups you may have. The setup & installation guide is straightforward and easy to follow with clear directions and illustrations. Granted, if you have no experience with home repair tools, you may be better off asking for help. The Guide lists everything included in the box and what kind of wifi you need. A 2.4Ghz network is required, but since I have an Apple dual-band router, I was good to go. One caveat is that your wifi router must either be strong enough or physically close enough to the iseeBell to work properly.

As I said earlier, the iseeBell will run on existing doorbell wires (if you have them). The guide uses step-by-step instructions. Yeah, I know, I didn’t actually install it as a doorbell—and that’s the unfair part of this review. But trust me, I’ve installed enough stuff to know that these are easy instructions to follow.

Also included in the box is a separate indoor wireless door chime (must be plugged in), which I haven’t decided if I’m going to use or not. Why? Because the iseeBell comes with a downloadable app (iOS and Android) that works just as well for my use.

The iseeBell unit itself has a 720p HD camera that works well in low light, although the video loses some detail and becomes monochromatic. The camera is wide-angle which captures a great peripheral view. It does distort in a fish-eye effect around the edges, though. Using the app, you can you see what the iseeBell sees. It also records and stores photos and video on your phone and/or in iseeBell’s cloud. This cloud service is an extra cost option—$2/month or $20/year. While that’s not expensive, it’s worth noting. You get a free month trial with purchase. iseeBell claims your photos and videos are protected by bank-grade security. Strangely, you can only purchase the cloud service through the iseeBell app. There is no mention of it on their web site.

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The iseeBell easily connects to a home’s existing wifi via the app. There’s also a motion detector that works a little too well. More on that later. The unit is weatherproof, so rain shouldn’t be a concern.

For my use, I mounted the iseeBell just inside the door of my studio a little above eye level. I used some of the supplied screws but did not need the included masonry drill bit as this was an indoor installation. All I had to do was decide where I wanted the camera placed and drill the screws into the wall. iseeBell offers an optional adjustable wall mount that allows the camera to be swiveled at various angles for a better view. I highly recommend this option—it acts as a mounting base and allows you to point the camera practically in any direction.

I ran into two issues with the wiring on the iseeBell. Since I’m using it indoors and not as a doorbell, it needs to be plugged into an outlet for power. I wanted to mount the camera up at ceiling height, but the cord was a few inches too short to do this, so it had to be lower than I preferred.

The white cord was a bit too thick to fit into the slot at the rear of the camera, so I had to strip some of the wirings to expose more of the black and red wiring from inside the cord. It was not easy, but I’ve stripped wiring before, so I knew what I was doing. However, I could picture some people pulling their hair out if they ran into a similar problem as I did. Note that doorbell users won’t have this issue since the iseeBell won’t need the power cord.

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Once I got the wiring taken care of, all went well. I opened the iOS app, set up my account and linked the app to the camera via my wifi network. With that done, I could see a live image of myself in the apps video frame. There’s a bit of a lag, but not enough to matter. As I said earlier, The image is wide angle, and since the camera is above eye level, there is little opportunity for a close-up of a face. But the image can easily be zoomed in even while live.

Audio quality was so-so. it was somewhat distorted and difficult to understand when watching the video. There’s also a built-in speaker allowing you to talk to the person/intruder if necessary. The speaker volume was a bit weak and should have been louder.

After setting up the motion detector in the app, I noticed that it works really well … as in really well. Whenever I stretch or get up from my chair I get an audible beep and a motion warning shows up on my iPhone. It’s becoming a bit comical, but at least it works! And since I’m only concerned when there should be no one in the studio, I appreciate its sensitivity. Incidentally, the warnings can be controlled through the iPhone’s Notifications or Android’s Sound and Notification settings.

All in all, I like the iseeBell Video Doorbell Security Cam, even though I’m not using it as it was intended. It does what it’s advertised to do and does it well. I now have added peace-of-mind if anyone should enter my studio (invited or not) and I will instantly know about it.

I’m now wondering if it’s time to get my doorbell rewired?

The iseeBell Video Doorbell Security Cam sells for $149.95 US.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by iseeBell. Please visit for more information and Amazon to order.

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Forget the peephole, there’s a growing market for video doorbells, where you can see on your phone who’s come calling – whether you are home or away. A recent entrant is the iseeBell – as they capitalize it – which must be hard-wired outside your door, something that actually makes it more useful, if slightly more difficult to install.

iseebellLet’s get to the install part first. The iseeBell comes with a mounting plate (with a built-in level!), a small screwdriver, a drill bit, screws, some extra wires and a power supply you can plug into a regular outlet. If you already have a wired door bell, you can use those wires to connect the iseeBell to power, but if you don’t have an already wired doorbell you’ll have to drill through a doorpost or other location and connect the supplied power brick (it has about an 8-foot cable) through the hole and plug into a hopefully nearby outlet.

You might consider having an electrician do this part if you’re not particularly handy, and the electrician might provide a hardwired power supply that stays out of sight.

Even if you have a wired doorbell, the power supply provided is a good idea, as you can setup the iseeBell indoors before you mount it.

Setup is not difficult after you download the iseeBell app for your Apple or Android phone and register an account. You’ll need to connect the video doorbell to your home Wi-Fi network – using the 2.4 GHz band only – and they make things easier by putting a QR code on the back of the doorbell (why setting it up inside first makes sense).

With the doorbell mounted and secured with a special screw, you’re all set. The iseeBell’s camera has a 185-degree view and automatic night vision. There’s motion detection and you can set its sensitivity, zones and schedule in the app, where you’ll be notified if anything sets the detector off – and here’s one of the good things about it being hardwired – you can view & record live video with just a tap of the screen, and not worry about battery life, as with some other video doorbells that are not wired in.

When someone “rings” the bell, you, of course, are also notified – pretty quickly I found – and have a choice to Answer or Decline – unlike some video doorbells, it waits for you to make a choice. Answering allows you to speak with the person at the door – which you can also do when motion is detected.

iseebellIf you already have a door chime in your home, and it was previously hard-wired to your doorbell, iseeBell provides a way to make it still work, but the kit also comes with a small indoor chime (and nightlight) that you plug into any outlet & easily pair with the video doorbell, something other video doorbells don’t always provide. The iseeBell also has additional terminals to attach wires for an electric lock, so you can unlock the door from the app.

There’s no charge to see who’s at the door, and you can save still photos on your phone, but if you want to keep a record of videos, to need to subscribe to their cloud service at $2 a month or $20 for a year, which is slightly less than some other video doorbell cloud services.

You can have multiple iseeBell devices – if deliveries are made to your back door or you just want to be able to monitor around or in your home – and you can share the devices with other users.

One thing to remember – and this applies to all video doorbells – it must be in range of a good Wi-Fi signal or it won’t work.

Although I only did an “indoor” trial of the iseeBell – my front doorbell is not wired – the doorbell, camera and chime all performed as advertised, and it even came with printed setup & installation and app guides. Printed, remember those things?

The iseeBell kit is under $150 direct or at Amazon – including a free 30 days of cloud service. The current model is plastic, but weatherproof.

Check Your iseeBell App Any time Anywhere

Check Your Iseebell App

Download iseeBell from iOS App Store or Andriod Google Play Now. After logging in, you are able to speak and see your visitors from your mobile device. Ask postman to leave a package on your porch or remotely unlock the gate for your family and friends.

Easy Outdoor Cam

Easy Outdoor Cam

You can use iseeBell in extreme weather conditions. With the adjustable wall-mount, mount your iseeBell wherever you want. Installation is easy and we’ve included all the tools you need.

Care Your loved One

Security Cam For Your Loved Ones

Don’t limit the use of iseeBell to only doorbell. It’s also good for an indoor security cam for your loved ones.


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