CeBIT 2017 @Hanover, Germany

The CeBIT 2017 was held in Hannover, Germany which is the world’s leading trade fair for digitalization of the economy, society and government. This year’s CeBIT show was partnered with Japan and conveyed important message about the global digitalization phenomenon, explored its transformative potential across entire value chains and disruptive digital technologies in the future.

The theme of CeBIT 2017 is “d!conomy – no limits”. There are more than 3,000 exhibitors from over 70 countries participate demonstrated their new technologies and products under this theme. According to Oliver Frese, Deutsche Messe Managing Board Member:” With live displays offering tangible insights into the potential of and best strategies for achieving digitalization, plus Japan as an outstanding innovative partner country and superlative coverage of all of the industry’s hottest topics, CeBIT 2017 has ticked all the right boxes.” The success of this event strongly proved the wave of digitalization is sweeping the economy and society.


Many products were highlighted at CeBit 2017 which illustrated several trends for the industry. For example, Vodafone displayed autonomous guided vehicles which were vehicles equipped with LTE-V2X technology can communicate with each other to prevent accidents. And power-saving Narrowband-IoT technology, as presented by Deutsche Telekom for the connection of residential and commercial building along with the approaching 5G mobile telephony standard, which from the year 2020 will be used for data exchange between billions of machines and physical products, as well as numerous applications of artificial intelligence and focuses of cybersecurity.

IseeBell brought our Wi-Fi Video Door Bell to the exhibition and we expected to show and develop the future of home security. The exhibition is initial steps to illustrate our potential.

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