Beta Tester Wanted! Join the crew, and be the first to new features.

You may noticed that the iseeBell App has been constantly changing. Well, it is good and bad. It's good that we added more new features in, and you may like your device more. It's bad that we may make changes on things that you are already familiar with. You, sequentially, have to spend some time to adjust.

In order to make the end user "suffer" less on the bad part, we decided to make the App Beta Testing a semi-internal program that a limited number of volunteers can participate.

What are the benefits

1. You will get the privilege to the latest mobile app way before releasing to public

2. You can comment on the likes and dislikes of the app

3. First one who finds a bug will get nominated in the App Download page (What's new)

A limited number of candidates will be selected
A limited number of candidates will be selected

You can always drop off from the App Beta Testing Program

How to become a Beta Tester

Send your device's S/N (where to find?) to

If you are an iOS user, please also attach your Apple ID in this email application.

Can't wait to see your name on the Beta Tester Roster.