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Hi everybody, here is my first impressions with 3 doorbells

The initial installation was quite easy for the two of the three bells. There were some issues with the third (it couldn't get online for about 3-4 hours, maybe some server issue ...).

As can be seen on the pictures, the stone walls ment that I had to find some ingenious solutions in order to make them look pretty :)

Another, more serious issue was the connection with the wifi of the router. I had to add two new wifi access points in order to be close to the bell. Otherise, I'd loose connection every now and then (probably the weather - heavy rains and some snow for the last week - didn't help).

What I really wish to see in an upcoming update is:

1. the user should be able to add different ringtones for every bell in the android app.

2. in the android app, there should be the option to choose to open the camera with the noise blocked (ohterwise, in an silent environment, the noise of the camera could be really inconvenient)

3. The Indoor Bell should have the option to ring with a diffent tone for each external unit. In my case - with three outdoor units - I have a tone on each internal unit but the internal bells cannot ring differently depending on which of the three external bells are pushed (so I could know which doorbell is hitten whithout the app on the android phone)

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